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What Are the Benefits of Mortgage Advice?

When navigating the complex terrain of mortgages, seeking advice can be a game-changer. Imagine having a knowledgeable ally by your side, guiding you through the maze of options and helping you make informed decisions. The benefits extend beyond just finding a good deal; they touch upon critical aspects of your financial well-being. From strategic planning… Read more »

Understanding Your Credit Score

Understanding your credit score is crucial for your financial health. This three-digit number reflects how trustworthy you are with borrowing and repaying. A higher score enhances your chances of getting credit approved. Factors like being on the electoral register can enhance your score, while timely bill payments have a positive impact. To explore further into… Read more »

Overpay on Your Remortgage

Are you in the fortunate position of being able to overpay on your remortgage? With savings rates so feeble right now, overpaying on your remortgage can make perfect sense. Given the big interest rate savings you could make, it might seem a no-brainer. But before you jump, you should always check the small print of… Read more »

Affordability Tests for Remortgaging - How to Pass.

Are you preparing for a remortgage? While the landscape shifted with the Bank of England’s rule changes as of August 1st, 2022, the essence of what lenders scrutinise remains pivotal in securing a mortgage loan. They were known as Affordability Tests for Remortgaging. Whether you’re sticking with your current lender or exploring new options, one… Read more »

Customer Reviews – See what Our Clients have to Say

Customer Satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do at Mortgage Advice Services and nothing makes us happier than receiving positive customer reviews. Everyone in our team takes part in regular training to ensure that we take the time to understand your individual needs before providing advice tailored around your circumstances. Whether you have… Read more »

The Coronavirus & Your Mortgage? Struggling to Pay Your Mortgage?

Many are worried about the UK impact of the coronavirus on their ability to pay their mortgage. Most banks in Britain should offer those struggling a three-month ‘holiday. We answer some of the most common asked questions about mortgages and how they are affected by the coronavirus.  Are you struggling or looking for a new… Read more »

A No-Nonsense Guide of Special Features for Mortgages in Britain

Mortgage Advice Services understand there are so many mortgage deals on the market, it can be difficult to know which one would best suit your needs.  To help demystify this big decision, we have written no-nonsense articles about various mortgage types and features. In this article we explore examples of important special features for mortgages in… Read more »

Fixed or Variable?  Your No-Nonsense Guide to Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Advice Services understand that choosing which type of mortgage would best suit your personal circumstances is a really big decision, and one of the most important decisions to make is what kind of interest rate option would suit you best? There are lots of different types of deal available, but they are roughly divided… Read more »

Can Paying More mean Paying Less? Overpaying Your Mortgage?

Still wondering when to overpay? If you’re overpaying your mortgage, you don’t just get the advantage of paying interest on a smaller amount of debt. Overpaying also means your loan to value ratio falls faster. And if your LTV falls, it means when it comes to remortgaging, you may be able to get a cheaper… Read more »