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Answers to Help You Evade the Top Mistakes We Make when Choosing Life Insurance

Getting the right life insurance product can seem baffling. But the secret to getting a watertight policy doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s a question of taking a look at your circumstances and understanding your product choices. Here we’ll set out what you should – and shouldn’t – do. Mistake 1: Choosing the Wrong Type… Read more »

This is How You Can Pare Down the Cost of Your Contents Insurance Today!

Contents insurance covers you for loss, theft or damage of any item in your home that’s not part of the structure or the building. That could be your TV, your sofa, your computer or your clothing, for example. It’s not a legal requirement to have contents insurance as it is with motor insurance. But if… Read more »

How to Get the Best Value Buildings Insurance Deal

Home and buildings insurance is an essential you can easily pay over the odds for if you don’t understand exactly what you’re buying. The term ‘home insurance’ tends to be used as a catch-all for these three types of different cover: Buildings insurance: this covers the cost of rebuilding your property, and the repair or… Read more »

Is it Worth Remortgaging to Extend Your Home in 2019?

Research shows there has been a 400% increase in the number of people improving their homes over moving in the last five years. More people now are looking at clever ways to alter their existing property to meet their changing needs. This could be extra space for a growing family or a home office. The… Read more »

Brexit’s Delivering Bargain Remortgaging Deals Right Now

You might, like most UK homeowners, feel bewildered by the future outcome of Brexit now. But if you’re in the market for a bargain remortgaging deal, there is one positive consequence to all the unpredictability about Britain’s future relationship with the EU. And that is that mortgage lenders are at sixes and sevens too… The… Read more »

Should You Use an Advisor to Remortgage or Go Direct?

If you’re wavering about whether to go it alone to remortgage or use a mortgage advisor, this article will help you decide. More homeowners are choosing to go down the mortgage advisor route to remortgage than ever before. We know this thanks to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It has revealed that in the first… Read more »

Why Brexit makes Now a Shrewd Time to Remortgage

It’s easy to take the ‘I just can’t be bothered’ attitude to remortgaging. Remortgaging can seem stressful and complex. Granted, the thought of the hassle and the possible fees can be off-putting. But, in fact, remortgaging is much more straightforward than getting a mortgage. You don’t have a property sale to deal with and so… Read more »

How to Reduce the Stress of the Remortgaging Experience

Does the prospect of going through a remortgaging exercise fill you with panic? You’re not alone. Recent research shows that “one in four homeowners experienced stress during their most recent mortgage application”. That is the equivalent of 2.5 million people. The main reasons people gave was a lack of communication and transparency from lenders. Other… Read more »

9 Remortgaging Pointers for Self-Employed Homeowners

There’s no denying that if you’re self-employed, you’ll likely have to jump through extra hoops to organise your remortgaging application. Brexit has, in any case, meant a tightening of lending criteria generally. This is probably because lenders are unsure how the housing market will react post-Brexit. This is despite there being more self-employed people in… Read more »