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Customer Reviews – See what Our Clients have to Say

Customer Satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do at Mortgage Advice Services and nothing makes us happier than receiving positive customer reviews. Everyone in our team takes part in regular training to ensure that we take the time to understand your individual needs before providing advice tailored around your circumstances. Whether you have… Read more »

What Type of Life Insurance would Best Suit You and Your Family?

The last thing any of us wants to think about is our death and life insurance. We are discussing all the life insurance types you could consider today. But not facing up to its inevitability means you’re dismissing its consequences for your nearest and dearest. Over two out of three adults in the UK either… Read more »

Stick with the same Home Insurance Provider and Your Premium is likely to go Up, Up and Up …

You probably know that you should be shopping around for the best deal for your home or car insurance. But if you’re like many people, when you get your automatic renewal notice, you’re busy. So you just roll over, allow your provider to deduct next year’s premium, and forget about it. You might, however, sit… Read more »

Why Not updating your Home Insurance when renovating could cost You!

What’s one of the biggest blunders that you can make when you’re planning your home extension project? The worst gaffe may not under-budgeting on that extra bedroom, loft conversion or new conservatory. (But be warned. The average overspend on a project is £3,200.) The worst slip-up may not be under-estimating just how long the job… Read more »

Answers to Help You Evade the Top Mistakes We Make when Choosing Life Insurance

Getting the right life insurance product can seem baffling. But the secret to getting a watertight policy doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s a question of taking a look at your circumstances and understanding your product choices. Here we’ll set out what you should – and shouldn’t – do. Mistake 1: Choosing the Wrong Type… Read more »

This is How You Can Pare Down the Cost of Your Contents Insurance Today!

Contents insurance covers you for loss, theft or damage of any item in your home that’s not part of the structure or the building. That could be your TV, your sofa, your computer or your clothing, for example. It’s not a legal requirement to have contents insurance as it is with motor insurance. But if… Read more »

How to Get the Best Value Buildings Insurance Deal

Home and buildings insurance is an essential you can easily pay over the odds for if you don’t understand exactly what you’re buying. The term ‘home insurance’ tends to be used as a catch-all for these three types of different cover: Buildings insurance: this covers the cost of rebuilding your property, and the repair or… Read more »

Why it’s Still Worth Getting Life Insurance when You’re Over 50

Most people take out life insurance not at over 50 but at the start of the parenting journey. They time it to end when their children are young adults. They think their financial obligations will be over by the time the children have left the nest. But life patterns are changing. More people are starting… Read more »

7 Easy Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Home Insurance Now

If you’ve not taken out a new home insurance policy recently, you may be in for a surprise when you get your next quote. It’s getting more expensive. The cost of home insurance has soared in the year to April 2018, with premiums rising by 7.6%, according to new data. That’s over three times the… Read more »