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Is there an Age Limit to Remortgaging?

Today, we try to answer all your questions about age restrictions when applying for a remortgage/mortgage in England and Wales. Is there such a thing as an age limit for remortgaging, you might be asking? Are you aged over 60 and thinking of remortgaging? What are your options and what do you need to bear… Read more »

5 Signs You’d Be Better using a Mortgage Advisor for Your Remortgage

The remortgage market right now in the UK is booming. Lenders are bending over backwards to meet demand. The choice of remortgaging products available is now huge. Are you considering to remortgage and wondering why you should consider using a remortgaging mortgage advisor? Around a third of all home loans made in the UK are… Read more »

Pin Down a Cheap Fixed-Deal Remortgage Fast! Experts say: They won’t be around Forever.

This article provides a view on the current remortgage outlook in Britain. It’s the job of UK Finance, the trade association for the UK banking and financial services sector, to keep stock of what’s happening in the mortgage market. It’s latest report: Two speed market: when will remortgaging run out of gas? makes interesting reading… Read more »

Why October’s not just the Brexit Deadline; it could be Your Remortgaging Deadline too

Your ‘Remortgaging Deadline’ is under our spotlight this month. Are you focusing hard on what will happen on October 31 and the outcome of Brexit? Whether you’re hoping for a no deal, a deal or to remain, have you checked your mortgage statement recently? Data shows that more than £26-billion-worth of mortgages will come to… Read more »

Why Now’s the Perfect Time to Lock into a Cheap Remortgaging Deal Six Months ahead …

Cheap Remortgaging Deal? Wondering where You can find them or when it is the right time to remortgage. Thinking of remortgaging?? … but not sure you can go for it at the present time?? Maybe your current deal hasn’t yet reached its end? Perhaps you’re not quite sure of your plans? Don’t let that stop… Read more »

Movin’ On Up? Or Going Underground? Remortgaging to Fund Loft and Basement Conversions.

In pursuit of more living space, a guest bedroom, or to accommodate a growing family, many homeowners are remortgaging to fund loft conversions or basement conversions which suit their individual or personal needs. Developing their properties like this can turn “dead” space into functional space. The cost of climbing the property ladder is so considerable,… Read more »

What could ‘No-Deal’ mean for Your Remortgaging LTV & Options?

Britain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he wants Brexit to take place on 31 October. That’s whether a deal has been agreed with the EU or not. You may wonder in how far or if your remortgaging LTV (Loan-To-Value) will be affected if ‘No-deal’ is the outcome? What might this mean for your… Read more »

Here is How You can Min Max Your Remortgaging LTV (Loan-To-Value)

There’s a lot of terminology to understand when it comes to remortgages. But no other term is as important as your LTV. The LTV is the single factor that gives you most power when remortgaging. LTV is the acronym for Loan-To-Value. If you’re looking at remortgaging to a better deal, understanding, and calculating LTV is… Read more »

A No Nonsense, No Mumbo Jumbo Guide to Remortgaging

Do you enjoy ‘Min Maxing’ things in your games, finances and life? Do you enjoy to optimise where possible? We discuss just how to achieve that when looking at Your Mortgage today in this brand new news article by Mortgage Advice Services! So, if You Are looking for a Remortgaging Guide with a ‘No Nonsense,… Read more »