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Is Remortgaging the Best Way to Help Your Children Buy their First Home?

There’s no doubt that for the younger generation, getting a foot on the property ladder is tougher than ever.  This raises an important question for many parents: ‘Is remortgaging to help your children buy their first home wise?’ After all by remortgaging you can give your offspring that all-important leg-up? The Institute for Fiscal Studies… Read more »

Why Your Potential Savings Through Remortgaging are at a 10-Year High

New research from UK Finance shows that remortgaging has surged to the highest levels seen in almost a decade. We’re now a decade on from the financial crisis. In that time, average mortgage rates have almost halved. Greater competition between lenders has given rise to a greater availability of competitive deals and remortgaging savings. This… Read more »

The Real Benefits of a Five-Year Fixed Remortgaging Deal

Have you always thought that a two-year fixed remortgaging deal was the best value? Think again, a five-year fixed remortgaging deal is better in most cases today. Yes, that’s changed of late. The difference in rate between the average two-year and five-year fix has now become almost negligible. Today an average two-year fix will cost… Read more »

8 Remortgage Questions you should know the Answers to before Remortgaging

Are you struggling with the complexity of all mortgage products you see? Check some of our FAQ’s below for common answers to some of the most common remortgage questions you have. 1. What exactly does remortgaging entail? Remortgaging is what you do when you switch mortgages. This could be from one lender to another. It… Read more »

5 Historic Trends You Need to Know about Remortgaging

Are you wavering about the idea of remortgaging right now? The timeline below may help with your deliberations. We discuss and clarify the last major fluctuations of the remortgage interest rates in Britain. This is especially true if you’re hedging your bets. Maybe you’re hoping there’ll be a better slew of remortgaging deals around the… Read more »

This is how You can Brexit-Proof Your Remortgage Today!

Last year saw more people than ever before choose a fixed-term remortgage product in the UK. Almost 9/10 people would rather take out a fix over a variable rate or tracker mortgage. This is what a study by Experian shows. It pinpointed the types of mortgages that potential borrowers now most search for. The findings… Read more »

How does Releasing Equity by Remortgaging Work?

Your home is your biggest investment. So it stands to reason you should make it work hard for you. Using it to release equity is one way you can by remortgaging or i.e. by using a fixed rate remortgage. If you’ve built up equity (effectively the value) in your home, then you might be in… Read more »

Why Fixed-Rate Remortgages are a Steal Right Now

Are You Considering to Remortgage? Are you considering remortgaging away from your Standard Variable Rate (SVR)? If you’re tempted to lock into a safe fixed-rate remortgage, our word to the wise is this: Act fast! Right now is a superb moment to shift to a fixed-rate remortgage if you’re looking to save money on your… Read more »

5 Reasons so Many of Us are Remortgaging & Revamping

An Englishman’s home is his castle, so the saying goes. These days, it seems, more of us are upgrading our ‘castles’. How? We’re financing improvements through easy remortgaging. Figures show there’s a new trend for revamping rather than moving to a new home. In fact, more UK homeowners than ever are choosing to stay put… Read more »