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Why You Could Be in for a Shock if Your Two-Year Fix is Ending

Did you take out a two-year fixed mortgage or remortgage in 2017? Then congratulations. But we’ll temper our compliment with some advice. You need to take action and soon – or you could be in for a shock. If this was you, then you were fortunate enough to get your hands on a two-year product… Read more »

Why the FCA says We’re Too ‘Short-Termist’ when We Remortgage

Did you know that we tend to base our remortgaging decisions on gut instinct, rather than hard fact? What you’re about to read might make you rethink your next choice of remortgaging product. A recent report for the Financial Conduct Authority has some fascinating findings. They reveal how we could be making wiser decisions when… Read more »

Why if You’re Not Remortgaging You’re Likely to Be ‘Leaking’ Money

This post is valuable for any homeowner who is on their lender’s SVR (Standard Variable Rate) with their remortgage right now. If that’s you, then you might be on a SVR for various reasons. You may not even be aware you’ve been demoted to the SVR. Perhaps you’re on a SVR after finishing your introductory… Read more »

Clear Answers to the 12 Most FAQs on Remortgaging

Mortgage Advice Services provides Clear Answers to the most common FAQ’s on Remortgaging. 1. What happens When You Remortgage? It’s the process you go through when you switch your existing mortgage to another lender, or remortgage with your existing mortgage provider. However your existing provider may not have the best deal for your circumstances. 2.… Read more »

6 Solid Reasons for the Surge in Popularity of the 10-Year Remortgage Fix

Research shows that now more than a third of homeowners with mortgages would consider a 10-year fixed remortgage product. If the idea of such a long fix sounds daunting, read on. You might change your mind – particularly if you’re settled and pretty sure of staying put over the next decade. Over recent years, two-year… Read more »

How to Pass the Affordability Tests for Remortgaging with Flying Colours

If you’re getting ready to remortgage, you’ll know you’ll soon have lender affordability tests to pass. This is the case whether you are remortgaging with your existing lender or switching to a new one. The UK’s mortgage market review regulator introduced new rules on affordability for homebuyers and re-mortgagors in April 2014. Ever since then,… Read more »

Is it Worth Remortgaging to Extend Your Home in 2019?

Research shows there has been a 400% increase in the number of people improving their homes over moving in the last five years. More people now are looking at clever ways to alter their existing property to meet their changing needs. This could be extra space for a growing family or a home office. The… Read more »

Brexit’s Delivering Bargain Remortgaging Deals Right Now

You might, like most UK homeowners, feel bewildered by the future outcome of Brexit now. But if you’re in the market for a bargain remortgaging deal, there is one positive consequence to all the unpredictability about Britain’s future relationship with the EU. And that is that mortgage lenders are at sixes and sevens too… The… Read more »

Should You Use an Advisor to Remortgage or Go Direct?

If you’re wavering about whether to go it alone to remortgage or use a mortgage advisor, this article will help you decide. More homeowners are choosing to go down the mortgage advisor route to remortgage than ever before. We know this thanks to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It has revealed that in the first… Read more »