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Why Brexit makes Now a Shrewd Time to Remortgage

It’s easy to take the ‘I just can’t be bothered’ attitude to remortgaging. Remortgaging can seem stressful and complex. Granted, the thought of the hassle and the possible fees can be off-putting. But, in fact, remortgaging is much more straightforward than getting a mortgage. You don’t have a property sale to deal with and so… Read more »

How to Reduce the Stress of the Remortgaging Experience

Does the prospect of going through a remortgaging exercise fill you with panic? You’re not alone. Recent research shows that “one in four homeowners experienced stress during their most recent mortgage application”. That is the equivalent of 2.5 million people. The main reasons people gave was a lack of communication and transparency from lenders. Other… Read more »

9 Remortgaging Pointers for Self-Employed Homeowners

There’s no denying that if you’re self-employed, you’ll likely have to jump through extra hoops to organise your remortgaging application. Brexit has, in any case, meant a tightening of lending criteria generally. This is probably because lenders are unsure how the housing market will react post-Brexit. This is despite there being more self-employed people in… Read more »

Get the Right Remortgage for You: Remortgage Types Explained

Are you’re reading this because you’ve decided to remortgage? Or are you thinking the time’s right to remortgage? Then good for you. We discuss all remortgage types or products in this news article and listed their respective pros and cons.. But first you need to navigate the different types of remortgage products available. The choice… Read more »

What the Housing Market Slump could mean for Your Remortgaging Options

Homeowners hoping to remortgage may soon face a shock when they explore their remortgaging LTV’s or loan-to-value levels. Remortgaging LTV’s are set to nose dive if all the forecasts of a UK housing market recession turn out to be correct. So if you’re thinking of remortgaging, the time to act is sooner rather than later.… Read more »

The Real Reasons Why Remortgaging is Such a Shrewd Investment

You might not consider your mortgage a savings vehicle. But right now, in times of increasing inflation, that’s exactly what remortgaging is. Listen to what savings expert Monevator states. “An affordable mortgage secured on a real asset – a house – is an excellent thing to have at times of high inflation.” The UK economy… Read more »

7 Tips to Help you Pass the Affordability Tests when Remortgaging

Are you thinking of remortgaging? For most people, remortgaging will save money and help to protect against future interest rate rises. So if you’re about to apply for one of the competitive deals available now, here’s how to prepare to pass your potential lender’s affordability tests There’s no way of avoiding this credit scrutiny. There… Read more »

Why Locking into a 10-Year Fixed Remortgage May Be a Shrewd Move Now

Home buyers’ incentive to remortgage to a 10-year fixed remortgage product has been boosted by the news,  most major lenders increased their Standard Variable Rate (SVR) by 0.25% from September 1. All customers with the UK’s biggest mortgage lenders have now received the SVR increase. These include Barclays, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds, Nationwide and NatWest. It’s… Read more »

Fixed or Variable Remortgage – The Pros and Cons Explained

Choosing between a fixed or variable remortgage is an important decision when you switch lenders. There are pros and cons in either case. But either way, remortgaging can be a very effective way to cut back on your household bills. Has the value of your home increased since you last took out a mortgage on… Read more »