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Why Brexit makes Now a Shrewd Time to Remortgage

It’s easy to take the ‘I just can’t be bothered’ attitude to remortgaging. Remortgaging can seem stressful and complex. Granted, the thought of the hassle and the possible fees can be off-putting. But, in fact, remortgaging is much more straightforward than getting a mortgage. You don’t have a property sale to deal with and so… Read more »

How to Reduce the Stress of the Remortgaging Experience

Does the prospect of going through a remortgaging exercise fill you with panic? You’re not alone. Recent research shows that “one in four homeowners experienced stress during their most recent mortgage application”. That is the equivalent of 2.5 million people. The main reasons people gave was a lack of communication and transparency from lenders. Other… Read more »

Why it’s Still Worth Getting Life Insurance when You’re Over 50

Most people take out life insurance not at over 50 but at the start of the parenting journey. They time it to end when their children are young adults. They think their financial obligations will be over by the time the children have left the nest. But life patterns are changing. More people are starting… Read more »

7 Easy Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Home Insurance Now

If you’ve not taken out a new home insurance policy recently, you may be in for a surprise when you get your next quote. It’s getting more expensive. The cost of home insurance has soared in the year to April 2018, with premiums rising by 7.6%, according to new data. That’s over three times the… Read more »

It Pays to Never leave Getting Your Home Insurance to the Last Minute!

Need an incentive to get organised about sorting your home insurance? Here’s a big one… The further ahead you can arrange your policy, the lower your premiums may be. Being savvy about the cheapest time to buy your cover may be a huge cost-saver. Panic-buy at the last minute and you could be losing out.… Read more »

10 Point Checklist to Getting Life Insurance that Fits Your Needs

Befuddled by life insurance? That’s not surprising. There’s so much terminology and so many different products available. So, here’s our no-nonsense guide or 10 point Life Insurance Checklist to help you understand and choose the right type of life insurance for your situation. 1. Why should You Take Out Life Insurance? Life insurance can pay… Read more »

Your Questions Answered on Critical Illness Cover

Figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that a man of 65 can now expect to live to 83 on average. For a woman of the same age, life expectancy is close to 86. It’s good news that people are living longer. But, at the same time, the quality of health that… Read more »

5 Steps to Affordable Life Insurance by Mortgage Advice Services

Life insurance is the type of cover nobody wants to think about! But no one should avoid having it if they’ve children or dependants that rely upon them. If the unthinkable were to happen, not having life insurance could mean you’d leave a sad legacy. Such as your family being left without any financial support. Or, worse… Read more »

Contents Insurance - Five Steps to getting the Best-Value

Here’s our guide to getting the right – and most affordable – home & contents insurance for you. Follow the steps below to make sure you’re getting the cover you need. We also help you to avoid two costly mistakes: over- or under-insuring yourself. (Note: As the Uinsure policy most of our advisors offer only has… Read more »