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Re-mortgaging Products - A Comprhensive Guide by MAS

Let’s start by explaining what re-mortgaging and re-mortgaging products are. Firstly, it doesn’t involve moving home. Secondly, you re-mortgage for two possible reasons. That’s either to secure a new mortgage deal and or re-mortgage products on a property you already own. Or it’s to borrow money against your property – often for home improvements. Why… Read more »

Reasons Why You should Ditch Your Standard Variable Rate Mortgage

  Was your January resolution was to take a better grip of your finances? Then remortgaging might be the solution you need for better control of your outgoings. Interest rates (for the moment) may be historically low. But are you among the two million homeowners in the UK currently on a standard variable rate? Or… Read more »

Why Fixed Rate Remortgages Are the Real Deal Right Now

Fixed rate remortgages are now more popular than ever with those homeowners with an astute eye on their finances. And for good reason… Despite the Bank of England 0.25% rate increase in November 2017, remortgage approvals are at their highest levels since 2008. That’s not surprising since rates are still historically low and a good… Read more »