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Reasons Why You should Ditch Your Standard Variable Rate Mortgage

  Was your January resolution was to take a better grip of your finances? Then remortgaging might be the solution you need for better control of your outgoings. Interest rates (for the moment) may be historically low. But are you among the two million homeowners in the UK currently on a standard variable rate? Or… Read more »

5 Tips to Help You Decide if Remortgaging for Debt Consolidation is Right for You

With mortgage rates so low right now, does remortgaging for debt consolidation make sense?   It’s a question more of us are asking today. Over 6 million Britons don’t believe they will ever be debt free, according to new research. It found the average person in the UK owes £8,000. That’s on top of any… Read more »

The Real Reasons Why an Advisor will Get You a Better Remortgaging Deal

The answer will depend on your circumstances and the time you’ve got free to make it happen. Below, we’ll give you some guidance to help you decide which way to go. But one thing’s for sure. If you’ve got a mortgage on your home right now, it’s worth considering remortgaging. Strong reasons could be: You’ve… Read more »