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Crucial Pointers when Re-mortgaging to the Right Deal for You

If you’re looking to save money and mulling over re-mortgaging right now, you’re in good company. Mortgage Advice Services provides a comprehensive list of all factors and crucial pointers when re-mortgaging here. Crucial Points when Remortgaging from the Current Housing Market in the UK The number of home-owners re-mortgaging has reached its highest level for… Read more »

Planning to get a Fixed Remortgage Deal? Why Time’s of the Essence

For anyone looking at getting a fixed remortgage deal, the clock is ticking on the current choice of low-rate products. Mortgage experts are warning that homeowners should take action fast. Rates for fixed remortgage deals and other products are expected to rise in the coming months. The logic behind this advice is the imminent rise… Read more »

Why Remortgaging Your Home Now is such a Good Investment Decision

Whether you’re a lion or a mouse when it comes to investing, hopefully you can spot a good opportunity when it happens. UK interest rates are still at 0.25%. This is their lowest level since the Bank of England was established in 1694. On the back of this, available rates for remortgaging your home have… Read more »

Interest Rates look Certain to Rise, but There’s Still Time to Remortgage Fast

So it’s now official. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has spoken. Interest rates will increase “in the relatively near term”. While this is good news for savers, for those with mortgages that are not fixed, it’s not such good news. Especially if you consider that just 10 years ago, interest rates were 5.75%. Strong… Read more »

The Real Reasons Why an Advisor will Get You a Better Remortgaging Deal

The answer will depend on your circumstances and the time you’ve got free to make it happen. Below, we’ll give you some guidance to help you decide which way to go. But one thing’s for sure. If you’ve got a mortgage on your home right now, it’s worth considering remortgaging. Strong reasons could be: You’ve… Read more »