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Answers to Help You Evade the Top Mistakes We Make when Choosing Life Insurance

Getting the right life insurance product can seem baffling. But the secret to getting a watertight policy doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s a question of taking a look at your circumstances and understanding your product choices. Here we’ll set out what you should – and shouldn’t – do. Mistake 1: Choosing the Wrong Type… Read more »

Why it’s Still Worth Getting Life Insurance when You’re Over 50

Most people take out life insurance not at over 50 but at the start of the parenting journey. They time it to end when their children are young adults. They think their financial obligations will be over by the time the children have left the nest. But life patterns are changing. More people are starting… Read more »

10 Point Checklist to Getting Life Insurance that Fits Your Needs

Befuddled by life insurance? That’s not surprising. There’s so much terminology and so many different products available. So, here’s our no-nonsense guide or 10 point Life Insurance Checklist to help you understand and choose the right type of life insurance for your situation. 1. Why should You Take Out Life Insurance? Life insurance can pay… Read more »