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What could ‘No-Deal’ mean for Your Remortgaging LTV & Options?

Britain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he wants Brexit to take place on 31 October. That’s whether a deal has been agreed with the EU or not. You may wonder in how far or if your remortgaging LTV (Loan-To-Value) will be affected if ‘No-deal’ is the outcome? What might this mean for your… Read more »

Here is How You can Min Max Your Remortgaging LTV (Loan-To-Value)

There’s a lot of terminology to understand when it comes to remortgages. But no other term is as important as your LTV. The LTV is the single factor that gives you most power when remortgaging. LTV is the acronym for Loan-To-Value. If you’re looking at remortgaging to a better deal, understanding, and calculating LTV is… Read more »

What the Housing Market Slump could mean for Your Remortgaging Options

Homeowners hoping to remortgage may soon face a shock when they explore their remortgaging LTV’s or loan-to-value levels. Remortgaging LTV’s are set to nose dive if all the forecasts of a UK housing market recession turn out to be correct. So if you’re thinking of remortgaging, the time to act is sooner rather than later.… Read more »