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Reasons Why You should Ditch Your Standard Variable Rate Mortgage

  Was your January resolution was to take a better grip of your finances? Then remortgaging might be the solution you need for better control of your outgoings. Interest rates (for the moment) may be historically low. But are you among the two million homeowners in the UK currently on a standard variable rate? Or… Read more »

Why Remortgaging Could Be Your Best Christmas Gift to Yourself

Are you one of the estimated 4 million households in the UK languishing on a Standard Variable Rate (SVR)? Then you’re in the perfect place to remortgage and effectively get a Christmas bonus. More than a third (36%) of homeowners are currently stuck on their lender’s usually more costly SVR. Most are because they haven’t… Read more »

People Remortgaging Homes is the Highest in 8 Years

The latest finance figures show that over 36,000 people have just remortgaged their home in a single month. It’s the highest number of people to do this in eight years. The record figures are due to three factors: An unprecedented long period of low interest rates: The Bank of England has opted this August to… Read more »

Thinking of Remortgaging Your Home to Release Equity? Your Best Options Explained!

Are you considering remortgaging your home to release equity to get more space? Or fund an extension or home improvements? Then you’re not alone. More and more of us are cashing in the value we’ve built up on our properties. Remortgaging is allowing more people to turn their existing homes into their dream homes. It’s… Read more »

Why 2017’s the Year to Remortgage Your Home to Save Money

Have you got an existing mortgage? Then it’s well worth checking to see whether you can remortgage your home to save money now. It might well pay for your next summer holiday. Despite the uncertainties that Brexit has caused, 2017 so far is the best year yet to remortgage. That’s because lenders have slashed fixed-term… Read more »