Complete Estate Planning Solutions and Will Writing Services from Mortgage Advice Services

Estate planning and will writing services by Mortgage Advice Services.

Estate Planning and Will Writing Services

The ‘Complete Estate Planning Solution’ from Mortgage Advice Services provides total peace of mind when it comes to preparing for one of life’s certainties. It’s a ‘Once-in-a-Lifetime’ service which covers every eventuality and provides you with the advice you need to ensure that your estate is managed and your family is provided for in the manner that you choose.

When the options and benefits are explained, you will understand how valuable it can be to have expert advice on such vitally important and personal matters. You can be assured that the advice given will be bespoke to your own individual circumstances, not just now, but for the rest of your life. Mortgage Advice Services offer a reliable and trustworthy service for this important stage. We will provide complete peace of mind when it comes to preparing for the next generation.

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Mortgage Advice Services Will Provide You With A Fully Trained Adviser, Supported By A Specially Qualified Will Writer. We Offer The Following Expert Service:

  • Advice in preparing your Will(s)
  • Unlimited Will re-writes for life
  • The Option to take a Guaranteed Probate Charge of just 1%
  • Will storage for life in a Solicitor’s secure vault
  • A Living Will that can be lodged with your GP
  • Severance of Tenancy for sound estate planning
  • A Property Protection Trust and/or Discretionary Trust which enables you to decide what happens to your assets
  • Inheritance Tax Advice to ensure your family’s inheritance is protected
  • Estate Planning Advice to help you make informed decisions
  • Free advice for your chosen executor(s)
  • Bespoke advice in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits

The Complete Estate Planning Solution service is provided by our trusted partner. This service is not covered by the Financial Conduct Authoriy

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Family and estate planning services and will writing by Mortgage Advice Services.

What Happens If I Die Without A Will?

It is very important to have a comprehensive, well written Will in place before it is too late. In circumstances where a will has not been drawn up prior to death, it can cause endless difficulties and unease during an already traumatic time. It is in everyone’s interest to read over the remaining content on this page to help you understand the importance of having Estate Planning Solutions in place.

When the options and benefits are explained to you, you will understand how valuable it can be to have expert advice on such vitally important and personal matters. You can rest assured that the advice we give will be tailor made to your own individual circumstances, not just now but for the rest of your life.

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Everyone's Circumstances Are Different And This Is Often Reflected In How You Would Wish To Distribute Your Estate Upon Death. Such Circumstances Include:

  • Divorce
  • Re-marriages
  • Step-children
  • Children from previous marriages
  • Family members with drug/drink dependency
  • Family members with mental health issues
  • Disabled children
  • A desire to bequeath to a charity
  • A desire to reduce your family’s Inheritance Tax or Capital Gains
  • Tax burden
  • If you run a business

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Points Of Importance Regarding Some Of The Issues That May Arise, if You Die Without A Will.

  1. You will have no say in who is the Executor of your estate. Are you comfortable knowing that the person overseeing the disbursement of your estate may not be someone you would choose?
  2. If you die without a Will in place then you surviving spouse/civil partner may not receive your full estate if you also have surviving children.
  3. The rules of intestacy dictate who inherits what and how much, not you or your family. If you do not have any family, this means the Government will end up with your assets.
  4. You will have no decision over who should care for your dependents.
  5. You cannot be sure that your dependents will be financially provided for as you would wish.
  6. Unless the tenancy is ‘severed’ you cannot decide to leave ‘your half’ of your property to your children.
  7. Your assets will be used by the local authority to cover the cost of your long-term care.

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